from North 40 Fabrication

The pinnacle of durability and sleek good looks today, and for a lifetime!

High tech materials + premier engineering and fabrication. All done in-house by the leading manufacturer North40fab!

North40fab has made a huge investment in their Pine River, MN facility so we can bring you even more in the 2022 POLAR FOX Skid House!

Composite panel production, aluminum skid frame welding, window and door installation – ALL DONE IN HOUSE WITH PERFECTION IN EVERY STEP! One might just say, when you want it done right every time, you just have to do it yourself!

This new skid house system gives you everything you could dream of in a fish house that needs to be extremely warm, unbelievably light weight, and durable enough to withstand the moisture and abuse we put our ice gear through.

There is ZERO WOOD used in this fish house! Sitting inside you will find internal peace knowing that the walls, ceiling, and floor are seamless panels covered with durable fiberglass that are easy to clean and resist marks, scratches, and dents much better than traditionally used aluminum.

One of our favorite features is the interior surfaces are also all covered with bright and strong fiberglass – no longer do you have to put a lot of money, time, and weight into finishing the interior.

Floor and skid structure is all aluminum with life long strength and durability.

This skid house is also designed with a beefy tow hitch bolted to properly reinforced ski tubes so you won’t be stranded when the snow gets deep or the slush pushes up.